Hello ! 
How are you ?
What can I say about my self, I like animation, comics, super heroes, soccer (but only to watch, I am not very good at it) . I am vegetarian, and I am normal looking (or at least that is what people tell me when they meet me). 
I was born in Medellin, Colombia. but did all my university studies and most of my profesional life as an animator in Australia, so lived there for 15 years !!!! .  now for family reasons, I am back to my home country Colombia. where I have kept working freelance and as a creative director for lafinka.tv. 
I am an animator / motion graphics artist with over 15 years experience. I had the pleasure of being involved on projects for National Geographic, Animal Planet, Disney, MTV, Dancing With The Stars Australia, K mart, Australian Government and many more. 
I also worked with many great studios such as, the project (channel 10), Room 3, fifty fifty films, sixty40, visual playground, Browndog Productions, z space and many more. 
at the moment I work freelance and as a creative director for lafinka.tv

please send me an e mail if you want to say hi 

Thank you ! 
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