Foreign Correspondent:
The Home Show

In this occasion we had the pleasure to work with ABC and the amazing team of Foreign Correspondent. Our mission was to illustrate and animate the episode entitled "The Home Show", in which the reporters investigate why housing affordability is reaching a crisis point in Australia and the world. We came up with a concept centered around a familiar board game, which embodies the ups and downs of trying to buy a house.

We had a lot of fun working on this project, and we think it shows! If you don't believe us, please check it out below: 

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Show Title:
Foreign Correspondent - The Home Show

Bonwen Reed

Hamish Macdonald

Graphics by:

Creative Director: 
Andres Gomez Isaza​

Andres Gomez Isaza
Ivanof Martinez Lopez​

Thank you ABC for the trust and the amazing team!

Thanks for watching!
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