Foreign Correspondent:
Through American Eyes
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Once again we teamed up with ABC and the amazing team of Foreign Correspondent, this time to see Australia "Through American Eyes". Investigator John Eligon travels down under to explore first hand the relations and dynamics between Indigenous Australians and the rest of the country.

We were inspired by the native aboriginal style, and we infused it with all of LaFinka's spirit in order to achieve a distinctive look.

Special thanks to The Foreign Correspondent for their trust and the creative freedom we had. 

Make sure to watch the full episode following this link.

Check out our exclusive Director's Cut below:

// Director's Cut //
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Show Title:
Foreign Correspondent - Through American Eyes


Suzanne Smith

John Eligon

Creative Director: 
Andrés Gómez Isaza

Andrés Gómez Isaza
Ivanof Martinez Lopez​

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